Tuesday, February 26, 2013

So I am behind... H is 7!

Yes, I suck.  I'm a horribe blogger.  I'm not the only one though, so I feel a little better.  And since I left off with Maya turning 4, I figure I will go ahead and start the catch up with Hayden turning 7.  He'll be 7.5 in one month.  At least I'm beating the 6 month point with him. 
This guy is in 1st grade now.  He told me yesterday that he's closer to 2nd grade now than he is the beginning of 1st.  Sheesh kid!!  Slow down! 
The Dude is huge.  Closing in on 70 pounds, 4 ft 5 inches tall and wearing a size 10 pant.  His feet are one big toe to go before he's the same size as me.  He is pretty darn smart, loves math, science and reading.  And he is still the sweet, sensitive guy he has always been.  Sometimes too sensitive, but I will take that over a bully any day.

 He is handsome, isn't he?  Looks a lot like me am told.  He's freaking gorgeous!

Happy 7.5 Hayden!!  You can slow down a bit now, okay?

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