Tuesday, February 26, 2013

So I am behind... H is 7!

Yes, I suck.  I'm a horribe blogger.  I'm not the only one though, so I feel a little better.  And since I left off with Maya turning 4, I figure I will go ahead and start the catch up with Hayden turning 7.  He'll be 7.5 in one month.  At least I'm beating the 6 month point with him. 
This guy is in 1st grade now.  He told me yesterday that he's closer to 2nd grade now than he is the beginning of 1st.  Sheesh kid!!  Slow down! 
The Dude is huge.  Closing in on 70 pounds, 4 ft 5 inches tall and wearing a size 10 pant.  His feet are one big toe to go before he's the same size as me.  He is pretty darn smart, loves math, science and reading.  And he is still the sweet, sensitive guy he has always been.  Sometimes too sensitive, but I will take that over a bully any day.

 He is handsome, isn't he?  Looks a lot like me am told.  He's freaking gorgeous!

Happy 7.5 Hayden!!  You can slow down a bit now, okay?

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

4 going on 14...

I thought I would try and take my own pictures of Maya this year for her 4 (yes, 4) year pictures.  We set out in the early morning at the end of June.  6:30 to be precise.  It's so hot here now, that I figured doing them 6 weeks before her actual birthday wouldn't hurt any one. 

This child has been in front of a camera before.  All of these poses are her doing, not my instructing.

Happy Golden Birthday my Sassy, BEAUTIFUL girl!! 4 on August 4th!

Monday, July 16, 2012

What's missing?

Two days before we left for vacation in Minnesota, H lost is 2nd top tooth.  This was unexpected as the tooth wasn't super loose and the Toothfairy even left a note saying that she wasn't planning a stop in our area that night, so she had to leave $2 in quarters of the $4.  We were ready to pack his tooth pillow, but nope, Maya had to hit him in the mouth just enough where he was able to "wiggle it, just a little bit" and pull that sucker out. 
My hometown is known for its sweetcorn.  Known so much, it's the Corn Capital of the World!  It is, look it up.  Olivia, Minnesota.  Oh yeah!
Anyway, sweetcorn isn't usually available until the end of July, so I wasn't hyping up that we would be enjoying any.  Well, it grew kinda fast and the roadside stands were open!  Hayden was so excited for it, he sort of forgot he may not be able to eat it in the typical style. 
Somehow, this guy figured out how to eat sweetcorn with two missing front teeth.  I wish I would have taken a picture of the result.  There wasn't a kernel left.  That's a true Minnesota corn eatin' kid!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Blue Eyed Girl, Pic 16

I am so behind on doing my little Photoshop challenge for myself, it is indeed a challenge to get to blogging!  Busy around here as well as a little lazy around here.  I'll see if I can catch up here in the next couple weeks.

So, with that, here is my little Miss.  We went up to Canyon Lake yesterday for some relaxing and water time.  The people we were with had a boat, which the kids were very excited about.  Little did I know the name of the boat was more than fitting for Maya.  Here's my Blue Eyed Girl by the My Blued Eyed Girl. 

I am no pro, but a having fun playing with my little program.  I should probably start noting what I am doing to these pictures.  Too busy at times and too lazy at times.  Some day, right?

Thursday, May 31, 2012

The End

It was an end to his littleness (although he is gigantic), an end to half days, an end to thinking of him as young, it was the end of Kindergarten.
I am struggling to believe my boy is now going to enter 1st grade.  It seems so big to me, so old.  He learned so much this year that it's amazing that there is even more to learn in the years to come.  He reads so well, wanting to read more and more.  He wants to read books in the car because he wants to prepare for more reading in 1st grade.  He adds things like crazy and copies what coupons and ads say just to practice writing. 
I am so proud of how well Hayden has done in Kindergarten.  All E's on his report card for the last quarter.  His teacher really enjoyed him in class and his classmates seemed to really like him as he got "Hi Hayden's" from everyone when I was around him at school. 

[Hayden's first day of Kindergarten]
[Last day of Kindergarten, think he grew much?]

So, in July, we will start all day school, 1st grade.  You could pretty much bet Mom will be tearing up, again, at the bus stop.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Miss M goes to School! (Pictures 13, 14, 15)

Last month, March 21st to be exact was a REALLY bad day.  Really bad.  The kids were so uncooperative, talked back, did everything they could possibly do to make me want to drink all the alochol in my home before 3 in the afternoon.  I didn't, I wanted to, but I didn't.  Buddy got home and became just as upset because I was and how they were.  He put them to bed, I barely said good night.
I was just doing my typical thing on the computer after Bud had gone to bed and I had a thought.  I checked out the Town's website for activities for the kids to maybe break up our days a little bit.  Then I saw it, ABC/123.  Hayden had done a few sessions of preschool here last year and we really like the teacher.  5 openings were left and I signed Maya up in lightening speed.  Huge sigh and a sip of wine and I felt so much better.
The next morning I told Maya I signed her up for preschool.  I got a HUGE hug, saw a HUGE smile and got so many "thank you Mommy's" that morning that my heart was healed.  Today was Maya's first day of her new Preschool adventure!
Maya was up at 6:15 this morning.  Before Hayden was even up and that never happens.  She wanted to put on her new dress we had bought yesterday about 2 minutes after being up.  Also, never happens.  She went to the bus stop with us and had her backpack in tow.  She really wanted to go with Hayden on the bus, but she knew she couldn't.  8:45 came and we left to drop her off.  She got out of the car and stumbled, scraping her knee.  She cried and I carried her in thinking, "Crap, she's not going to let me go after this!"

She was a tad apprehensive, but after one minute, I got a HUGE hug and lots of kisses and she went on her merry way to enjoy her new adventure.  Yes, I teared up, but not one fell.  I was just so happy that she was so happy and excited.  She had a fantastic first day and is very excited about her 2nd day.   

She even brushed her teeth.  Didn't even tell her too.  And she wore her backpack for the treatment.

All smiles as we hit the road!!

Monday, March 26, 2012

I call it, "Pokey" Picture 12

On our ride on Sunday, flowers were in bloom everywhere.  We stopped along a little dried up river and I did a little exploring with Maya.  We were looking for bears.  I took some pictures of some desert flowers, but this one caught my eye.  It's not a flower.  It's some kind of weed with lots, serioulsy lots, of thistles on it.  Isn't it cool?

I thought I'd play a little in Photoshop with it.  I didn't do much playing as this was the second overlay I used and thought it was perfect.

Batgirl Reappeared

I usually let the kids pic out what they will wear.  Usually they are fine, sometimes it's a fight and other times, I'm all whatever.  If we're not going anywhere, be mismatched.  If we are going to be seen in public, you will be presentable. 
Last Wednesday, Maya decided her BatGirl costume was the outfit to wear.  We were going to be in public, quite a bit, I had tons of things to do and I was not in any mood to fight.  I asked if it was what she was going to wear.  Yep, it was.  Was she sure?  Yes.  Do you know you are going to daycare?  Yes, I am wearing BatGirl.  Much to my own shock, I gave in and went with it.  It prettied up her hair and said no mask unless we are home.  OK.

She wore it ALL DAY LONG!  Three girls at daycare asked if they could borrow it.  Two girls said they are going to buy one when their moms picked them up.  The mask and arm sleeves were removed for public vision and cuz I knew they'd be lost, broken or misplaced somewhere.  Upon return home, however, they were promptly put back on. 

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Laundry on the Cheap!

I've been (slightly) addicted to Pinterest for a few months.  I don't spend hours on it, but I do my fair share of browsing in the mornings and evenings.  Some things I am absolutely loving are the recipes and DIY projects.  I found a smoothie recipe for a 7 day weight loss and dropped 8 pounds in a week.  I've found recipes that my family loves and craft projects I have really enjoyed. 
One thing I found a while back has been on my mind since the day I pinned it;  Homemade Laundry detergent.  I figured I would get to it when I ran out of Tide, then I did, but couldn't find all the ingredients at the grocery store, so the last time I had to buy some, I bought the smallest bottle. 
I finally got done with that bottle and found all the ingredients I needed at two stores.  I could have found them all at one, but I am a Target shopper all the way and avoid Walmart like the plague.  I found 2 things at Target yesterday and drug my butt into Walmart today for the other 3 (4).
The recipe I used is from here.  I read through most of the comments and found them extremely helpful in my decision to make this.  I have an HE washer and have never used powder in it.  Most people said they put it in the soap dispenser and not directly in the drum.  SOLD!
Here is what it calls for:

 The rundown of cost is this:
4 lb box Borax:  $3.49 @Target
Arm and Hammer Baking Soda, two 2lb. boxes:  $2.09 ea., $4.18 @Target
3 Bars Fels-Naptha soap: $.97 ea, $2.19 @Walmart
2 Oxy Boost I got the Sun Oxy (Oxy Clean or whatever): $1.97 ea., $3.94 @Walmart
1 3.7 lb Box Super Washing Soda: $3.08 @Walmart (this price is a guess, my receipt didn't print right.  The other 2 Walmart prices I am pretty sure about.)
The total is:  $16.88 without tax.  Probably under $20 for all of this!  I did buy a $5 glass container to put it in, so it was a smidge over $20, but I can use that again when I run out.

All of this gets mixed into a bag/bucket and is supposed to last almost a year.  Give or take a little depending on how many loads you do.  I maybe do 4-6 a week. 
Here's what you do:
Shred the 3 bars of soap like cheese.  I used my food processor's shredder attachment and shoved those bars in and viola!
Didn't really want long strands of soap, so I put the blade in and ground that up to get granules.

Take all those goodies outside and use a 5 gallon bucket with a black garbage bag inside.  Dump all that stuff in there and mix it up.  I kind of layered everything and then pulled the bag out and moved it around from the outside with my hand.  I put it back in the bucket and scooped with the plastic Oxy containers and poured into the glass container until full. It made enough to full up both of those Oxy containers and 2 1 liter Ball jars.

Use the scoop that comes with the Oxy boost as your laundry scoop.  1 scoop for small, not too dingy loads and 2 scoops for large and dirty loads.

This is what the result looks like.  Smells very fresh and clean!  You can use your fabric softener with it.  Some of the comments from the site said they use the Downey Unstoppables and add a whole canister of that into the mix.  I am thinking of going the "green" route with softener and doing Vinegar and  Essential Oils.  I also use the Bounce bar that sticks to the side of the dryer as well instead of sheets. 

Monday, March 12, 2012

Dunin', Pic 11

We went to the Sand Dunes in California this past weekend.  It was a blast!  We went with our fabulous neighbors who have been out there numerous times before, so we had pros helping us out on the driving and fun. 
Buddy was in his element driving and playing.  He borrowed our friends quad a couple times and tore it up in the sand.  The Rhino isn't completely made for sand travel, but it made it.  I don't think a smile left his face the entire weekend.  The kids just love any form of camping and the sand being all around them made it even more fun for them.  It took a few trips through the Dunes to really enjoy what was happening, but they loved it at the end.  Maya took a little more convincing, she didn't like the bumps, but considering she fell asleep on 90% of the rides, I'd say she was fine with it.  Me, I'm a little different from my three kids.  Momma gets a little motion sick.  I toughed it out and went along, but it got the best of me on the last ride.  Plus, the slant in which we went ALOT was nerve racking.  It felt like we'd tip over numerous times.  We didn't.  I actually DROVE in the Dunes too.  That was fun, but I am a little too cautious and nervous at turns and jumps.  It made me appreciate it more though.  Driving and riding in the Dunes it COMPLETELY different from going for a ride in the mountains and camping rides. 

Were it not for these masks, we'd be picking sand out of our teeth for the next week.  We're still picking sand out of our ears...

Monday, February 27, 2012

Soaked, Pic 10

I've been meaning to blog for a long time now, I just haven't had the ambition.  Stuff going on, driving to and fro.  Busy.
A couple weekends ago we took a ride with some friends.  The kids, Bud and I crossed a little canal just like everyone else did.  Then, we had to recross it.  We kind landed in a hole in the canal and got a little wet.  Well, Buddy and I basically took a bath up to our waists and the kids' butts got wet.

It was a memory we will cherish for our lifetimes.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day! Pics 8&9

Happy Valentine's Day, All! Ours started out wonderfully and then I got the call from school that H had thrown up. This kid NEVER gets sick and I can count on one hand the number of times I've seen him throw up; not counting the baby stuff. Poor guy was so bummd to miss his Valentine party and not be able to pass his treats out. Hopefully he can give them out tomorrow.
I wasn't able to get a picture of the kids together today, Hayden is not up to it. Here are the Valentine's I made for friends and family. Hayden's included a sucker for his classmates and a flower for his teacher and Grandparents. They looked great with the stems and stick poked through!

Of course I took a picture of the finished product!  I just may be doing this every year...

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Arizona, Pic 7

 A big reason Arizona rules in February.

We took a Rhino ride through Box Canyon near Florence, AZ.  Beautiful drive.  It's so nice to be able to get away from the house and everyday living, only go 30 minutes away and feel like you are 100's of miles from everything.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Purple Bike, Pic 6

All Maya wanted from Santa and for all of Christmas was a Princess bike and a Princess helmet with a bell.  The Princess helmet and bell came from Daddy and Mommy.  The Princess bike, however, wasn't exactly what Santa had in mind.  It was a little harder to make, aka more $$, and it wasn't as cute and fun as the awesome purple and pink on that Mom and Dad talked up.  Which, honestly, is way cooler than the Princess one.
Santa delivered a week before Christmas and Mom, Dad and Hayden sat and waited for Maya to come down the stairs.  At the tree was the purple and pink bike.  She took one look at it, sat on the step, put her hands over her face (see this post for a visual), cried a little and said, "But I wanted the Princess bike!!"  She had already gotten the helmet, so we talked her down to look and showed her how perfectely the helmet and bell matched.  She was good to go after calming down and seeing our "vision" and Santa's reasonings. 
And so, the bike has been in use for a month and a half and she is a pro!  The bell jingles constantly, she loves wearing the helmet and she has only told us once that she did ask for the Princess bike.  The girl can move and has even figured out how to put on a detatchable basket.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Snowballs, Pic 4 & 5

The kids had so much fun in Flagstaff last weekend, they are still talking about it.  I am having fun playing around with the pictures I took and found some fun overlays online.  FREE of course, that makes them more fun!
Since we got to see some good, sticky, snowball and snowman building snow, I got some good, posed pictures.
Hayden is first with his "huge" snowball:

And Miss Maya with her "giant" snowball.

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